Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Interesting Email

I just received an email from Jeff Mathews at snow mountain pinball, stating that they own "DIY Pinball". This I believe. so I changed the name of the blog to do-it-yourself pinball so as not to be confused in any way with Snow Mountain Pinball. This project is not a commercial venture and it is what it says. I want to design and build my own pinball machine and share what I do with those out there who might like to do the same. I hope this appeases the crew out in Colorado.

Friday, November 14, 2008

What is this all about

A few year back I was given an old Stern Memory Lane pinball machine that had been taking up space in the warehouse. I had been badly abused by time and more than a few dirty power surges. So I loaded it up in the back of my truck and loaded it into my basement workshop. With the help of some great posts from the people at and Marco Specialties and 3 months or so I had a fully functional pinball machine. After the move to a new house, (which was not kind to the pinball machine) and another couple of months of rehab, I started thinking of designing and building my own table and cabinet. This blog will be a documentary of that journey.

Where I am on the path

Right now I am designing the input board, the light driver board, the interface to the Stern SDU-100 Solinoid board. I'll post the schematics when they are tested and working. I am using the DIY 48 port i/o board from the Pinball reverse engineering project on to interface with the computer. I plan on building a furniture grade cabinet to go into my media room. I know this is an ambitious project, but I'm kind of excited about it!